Jalapeño Chicken Grilled chicken breast topped with jalapeño cream, served with mashed potatoes and a side salad Chicken Poblano Chicken breast covered in poblano cream sauce, served with poblano pasta, vegetables and a bolillo Mole Plate Shredded chicken topped with mole sauce, served with rice, beans, lettuce and tomatoes Creamy Mushroom Chicken Chicken breast covered in a mushroom cream sauce served with sauteed green beans and mashed potatoes Pollo en Rajas Chicken breast layered with slice of ham, chile poblano shreds, covered in cheese, drizzled with poblano sauce, served with mashed potatoes and poblano rice Picadillo Beef picadillo, lettuce, tomato, rice and beans Platillo Mexicano 2 Beef tacos, 2 enchiladas callejeras, rice and beans Beef Crispy Tacos 3 crispy tacos with picadillo topped with lettuce, tomato, yellow cheese, served with rice and beans Flautas 4 Ternera or chicken flautas topped with avocado + sour cream served with lettuce, tomato, rice and beans Milanesa Served with lettuce, tomato, rice + beans Milanesa Suiza Topped with suiza sauce and mozzarella cheese served with mashed potatoes and corn Tostada Estilo Siberia Large tostada with chicken, avocado + sour cream Tostada Combo 1 Chicken + 1 ternera, lettuce, tomato,  beans,  onion +  cheese, served with rice Mexican Hot Dog Combo 2 Mexican hot dogs wrapped in bacon, topped with onion, tomato, mashed beans, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salsa and a bag of chips Chile Relleno a la Parrilla Stuffed grilled poblano filled with picadillo topped with melted cheese, served with poblano rice and nopales